House Selling Essential: Improving Your Curb Appeal

For Sale Sign Under Home Showing Selling Property

Your home’s curb appeal makes a great first impression. Everyone, including potential homebuyers, will want to see what’s inside if they are impressed with your property’s curb appeal. Check out these simple, low-cost curb appeal improvements that you can do to help attract buyers.

Dress up the front door. Your home’s front entry is the focal point of curb appeal. Give your front door a blast of color with paint or by installing a custom wood door. Make sure to clean off any dirty spots around the knob, and use metal polish on the door fixtures.

Replace old hardware. Check the entry door lockset, mailbox, and light fixture outside your house and make sure they all look good. These key elements add style and interest to your home’s exterior curb appeal. If they’re looking dingy, your home may not look impressive as you think it is.

Create perfect symmetry. Symmetry is pleasing to the eye, and it’s quite simple to arrange. Symmetrical compositions of light fixtures and front-door accents boost curb appeal.

Consider the roof. The condition of your roof is one of the first things buyers will notice. Missing, curled, or faded shingles add nothing to the value of your property. If your neighbors have properly maintained or replaced their roofs, yours will really look shabby. However, don’t try cleaning your roof yourself. Always seek a professional with the right tools to clean it safely.
Install outdoor lighting. Low-voltage landscape lighting can do wonders on your home’s curb appeal. Plus, it will also provide additional safety and security to your home. Fixtures can add accent lighting to trees or can illuminate a walking path.

Maintain your garden. If you have a garden, make sure that the plants are taken care of properly. If you don’t have one, it is best to create an instant garden. Container gardens add a colorful curb appeal to any home exterior. There are ready-made containers from garden centers or create your own with your favorite plants.

Consider a mailbox makeover. Mailboxes are often taken for granted. Don’t forget this small detail as it complements the home and express the homeowner’s personality. You can simply dress up mail boxes for curb appeal by painting the wooden post to match the house’s exterior color. You can surround it with a beautiful flowering garden too!

Ready to sell your house today? Don’t stress yourself too much. We are here to help you sell your Raleigh home fast! Get in touch with us for more details!

House Selling Essential: Improving Your Curb Appeal

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