5 Secrets to Help You Sell Your Home Fast in the Triangle Area

Illustration of blue house with House for Sale sign set in white background done in retro style.

Have you been wondering why your home is not selling? Smart sellers get multiple bids from buyers even in the slowest markets. What is it that they are doing right? We will let you in on some of the best kept secrets to selling your home fast.

Proper pricing

The right pricing can help you to get your property off the market fast. One trick is to know how much your property is valued and then price it 15% lower than what it is worth. Though this strategy is risky, you are likely to end up with lots of potential buyers who will now bid up the price to exceed what your home is really worth.

Simple renovations

One mistake many sellers make is to spend thousands of dollars on renovations expecting to recover the money after the sale. Some simple modifications like planting flowers or painting the front door can make a huge difference.

Hire the right broker

If you need a professional to help you sell your home then make sure you make the right choice. A good broker will be well informed about how much similar properties are going for in CITYNAME. Some even use technology to help you find a suitable buyer fast.

De-personalize your home

A home that is highly customized is harder to sell. In fact homeowners are often advised to avoid customizations that completely transform the home if they are planning to sell the property in the near future. You should also get rid of personal stuff like wall hangings and photos or personal items that will put off potential buyers and make it harder for them to imagine themselves living in that space. Make the home as simple and basic as possible when buyers are coming to view it.

Clean and de clutter your home

Nothing puts off a potential buyer faster than a dirty or cluttered living space. You can even take advantage of self storage units and put your items away. The cleaner and more spacious the home looks, the larger it will appear and more likely it is to sell.

Put away excess furniture, clear the closets and personal items so that prospective buyers can envision their own stuff being in the home. You might even have to invest in a professional cleaning service to do a justice to the walls and other spaces that look dusty. Giving some walls a fresh coat of paint can also make a home look more appealing.

We buy houses in Raleigh Triangle area. For more information on how we can help you dispose your property and get paid fast, call us at 919.234.7200.

5 Secrets to Help You Sell Your Home Fast in the Triangle Area

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