Increasing Your Home’s Value

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Whether it’s a fresh paint job or simply installing new pavers, you need to think of ways to boost your home’s value. Some simple transformations do not have to cost you an arm and leg. Let’s go through some home renovations and improvements that are known to boost property value.

Replacing the plumbing

One of the aspects considered when evaluating the value of your home is the state of plumbing. You may want to consider replacing your pipes especially if they are too old and rusty. Re-piping is an extremely worthwhile endeavor since it not only boosts the value of your home but also enhances hygiene and water quality.

Investing in proper flooring

One of the things potential home buyers look at is the state of a home’s flooring. While laminate is a common flooring option in Raleigh NC, it doesn’t improve your home’s value. Engineered or real wooden floors are long lasting and enticing to most homeowners. You can apply different kinds of stain to make it last longer and look better.

Bathroom renovations

There are ways to spend your money on bathroom improvements and get a huge return when you want to sell your home. Adding a little texture on the bathroom floors, re-grouting the shower and painting the bathroom can transform it completely. You can even install a new mirror or light fixtures and watch the difference it makes. Just make sure your bathroom doesn’t have moisture issues that attract mold and decay.

Basement renovations

Consider transforming the neglected basement space into a living room or entertainment center. Gone are the days when basements were used as storage spaces. You need to take charge of this important space and create an additional living space that your family will enjoy. And when the time comes to sell the house, you’ll be happy you worked on that basement. It would be enough reason to negotiate for a better price.

Kitchen layout and work space

There’s a lot you can do to improve your kitchen space. First, think of ways to make the layout and work space more convenient for modern families. Invest in high quality stainless steel appliances that boost the value of your home. Spend money on your kitchen layout because it never goes out of fashion. Most people will consider practical things when it comes to the kitchen such as how much work space is available.  Hire a home renovation expert in Raleigh NC to come and take a look at your kitchen space and advice on the way forward.

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Increasing Your Home’s Value

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