Preparing Your Home for Resale

raleigh nc house selling

It’s every seller’s dream to have their home sell fast and for a good price. But this will never happen unless you do your part in preparing your home for resale. Most of the things you can do to stage your house will not cost you anything. Let’s look at the simplest ways to make your house sell fast.

Depersonalize the home

Personal items like photos and family portraits tend to distract buyers. They will not be able to imagine themselves in the same space when there are photos of your family all over. Removing personal artifacts can make it easier for any buyer to imagine themselves living there.

Get rid of clutter

Anything you haven’t used over a year needs to go. There are many ways to declutter your home. First, you can sort out the items you don’t need and either donate them or throw them away. You can also look for items that will help you better organize your stuff. Clean off kitchen counters to get rid of items you don’t need. Invest in good storage boxes to keep items neatly around the house.

Remove your favorite items

If there are items in the house which you will take with you when the house sells, remove them before viewing. Some buyers will love the house because of certain things like a chandelier or fixtures which you may want to remove. Telling the buyer later that they can’t have these items is likely to blow your deal.

Perform minor repairs

Simple repairs can go a long way in making your home sell fast. Look for a repair company that can help you to fix certain areas. A leaky faucet or cracked floor will rub buyers the wrong way. Don’t make them remember your home as the one with a stuck door. Such simple repairs can be done without breaking the bank.

Transform the home’s exterior

Your exterior needs to look so appealing to a point where the buyer can’t wait to see what’s inside. Get rid of clutter on the sidewalk and make sure it’s sparkling clean. Mow the lawn and plant some flowers on the front yard. Make sure your house stands out for the right reasons. Take the time to scrutinize your own home. If it looks like no one has lived in the house for ages, there’s something wrong. Invest in the curb appeal and your home will sell fast. Learn more here.


Preparing Your Home for Resale

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