How to Boost Your Property’s Value

selling house in Raleigh NCThere are a number of simple projects that you can initiate to boost your home’s value. May be you want to sell your home or just enjoy a better living space. Upgrades that improve the value of your property are always worthwhile.  And they don’t have to cost a fortune. Here are some good strategies that you can consider to boost the value of your home.

Consider cabinet refinishing

Getting a new cabinet system can be pretty expensive. If your budget is tight, you may want to consider giving your cabinets a makeover. Some companies in Raleigh NC can remove your cabinet doors and drawers and then replace them with new ones. Alternatively, you can give your old cabinets a fresh coat of paint and they will look as good as new.

Fix bathroom tiles

A simple bathroom renovation like re-grouting the tiles can quickly improve the value of your property. If you have chipped or broken tiles in your bath, consider having them fixed. The tub and shower area may also need some fixing. You can choose professional installation but it would be cheaper to do it yourself. Get rid of the old and discolored floor in your bathroom by choosing cheaper vinyl flooring that’s easy to install. A simple addition like a new toilet seat can make a big difference.

Consider home additions

If you have an abandoned room in your house such as a basement, consider renovating it to create an additional living space. You can clean up the basement area and have it repaired if there are any moisture issues. This extra room can act as an entertainment spot for your family or an extra bedroom. It’s one sure way to boost the value of your property in a week or less.

Ensure your electrical system is in proper working order

Hiring an electrician to check for any loose wires, faulty outlets or water leaks in your home is an important step towards improving the value of your property. A home’s value can really depreciate if there are serious issues with its electrical or plumbing system. Issues like water leaks can really influence the selling price of a home. Don’t let it get out of hand and instead hire an electrician or plumber to identify problems before they escalate. Look out for signs of moisture damage or electrical issues in your home and have them fixed immediately.

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How to Boost Your Property’s Value

Preparing Your Home for Resale

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It’s every seller’s dream to have their home sell fast and for a good price. But this will never happen unless you do your part in preparing your home for resale. Most of the things you can do to stage your house will not cost you anything. Let’s look at the simplest ways to make your house sell fast.

Depersonalize the home

Personal items like photos and family portraits tend to distract buyers. They will not be able to imagine themselves in the same space when there are photos of your family all over. Removing personal artifacts can make it easier for any buyer to imagine themselves living there.

Get rid of clutter

Anything you haven’t used over a year needs to go. There are many ways to declutter your home. First, you can sort out the items you don’t need and either donate them or throw them away. You can also look for items that will help you better organize your stuff. Clean off kitchen counters to get rid of items you don’t need. Invest in good storage boxes to keep items neatly around the house.

Remove your favorite items

If there are items in the house which you will take with you when the house sells, remove them before viewing. Some buyers will love the house because of certain things like a chandelier or fixtures which you may want to remove. Telling the buyer later that they can’t have these items is likely to blow your deal.

Perform minor repairs

Simple repairs can go a long way in making your home sell fast. Look for a repair company that can help you to fix certain areas. A leaky faucet or cracked floor will rub buyers the wrong way. Don’t make them remember your home as the one with a stuck door. Such simple repairs can be done without breaking the bank.

Transform the home’s exterior

Your exterior needs to look so appealing to a point where the buyer can’t wait to see what’s inside. Get rid of clutter on the sidewalk and make sure it’s sparkling clean. Mow the lawn and plant some flowers on the front yard. Make sure your house stands out for the right reasons. Take the time to scrutinize your own home. If it looks like no one has lived in the house for ages, there’s something wrong. Invest in the curb appeal and your home will sell fast. Learn more here.


Preparing Your Home for Resale

Increasing Your Home’s Value

raleigh nc house selling

Whether it’s a fresh paint job or simply installing new pavers, you need to think of ways to boost your home’s value. Some simple transformations do not have to cost you an arm and leg. Let’s go through some home renovations and improvements that are known to boost property value.

Replacing the plumbing

One of the aspects considered when evaluating the value of your home is the state of plumbing. You may want to consider replacing your pipes especially if they are too old and rusty. Re-piping is an extremely worthwhile endeavor since it not only boosts the value of your home but also enhances hygiene and water quality.

Investing in proper flooring

One of the things potential home buyers look at is the state of a home’s flooring. While laminate is a common flooring option in Raleigh NC, it doesn’t improve your home’s value. Engineered or real wooden floors are long lasting and enticing to most homeowners. You can apply different kinds of stain to make it last longer and look better.

Bathroom renovations

There are ways to spend your money on bathroom improvements and get a huge return when you want to sell your home. Adding a little texture on the bathroom floors, re-grouting the shower and painting the bathroom can transform it completely. You can even install a new mirror or light fixtures and watch the difference it makes. Just make sure your bathroom doesn’t have moisture issues that attract mold and decay.

Basement renovations

Consider transforming the neglected basement space into a living room or entertainment center. Gone are the days when basements were used as storage spaces. You need to take charge of this important space and create an additional living space that your family will enjoy. And when the time comes to sell the house, you’ll be happy you worked on that basement. It would be enough reason to negotiate for a better price.

Kitchen layout and work space

There’s a lot you can do to improve your kitchen space. First, think of ways to make the layout and work space more convenient for modern families. Invest in high quality stainless steel appliances that boost the value of your home. Spend money on your kitchen layout because it never goes out of fashion. Most people will consider practical things when it comes to the kitchen such as how much work space is available.  Hire a home renovation expert in Raleigh NC to come and take a look at your kitchen space and advice on the way forward.

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Increasing Your Home’s Value

Sell Your House Fast With These Tips

selling house in Raleigh NCThere are small steps that you can take to make a big difference when selling your Raleigh NC house. If you are like most home owners, you want to ensure a speedy sale. Here are a few tips to help you sell your house fast.

Start with the right price

Pricing your home right from the initial stages will attract the right kind of buyers. Most people think that they can always start with a high price and then lower it when it doesn’t sell. This can turn out to have a negative impact in how soon the house sells. You will end up losing many interested and qualified buyers because of poor pricing.

Make your home appealing to buyers

You need to take your time to work on the first impression buyers get towards your home. A simple step like making the front yard clean and neat can attract qualified buyers fast. People always want to picture themselves in a home before they buy. No one wants to live in a home that looks unkempt.

Remove clutter

Keep your home simple and clutter free and you may be surprised at how fast you attract potential buyers. You may even consider getting a cleaning company to help you take down unnecessary clutter in your home. You’ll get more space and your home tends to look bigger when you declutter.

Allow potential buyers an opportunity to see the house

Some homeowners make it difficult for potential buyers to see the property. They create restrictions such as notices and specific time periods when the house can be viewed. If you really want your to sell your house fast, you need to be flexible abut viewing. No one wants to buy a house they haven’t seen. Give the potential buyers time to discuss without feeling pressured. It’s always best to walk out after showing them the house just to give them a few minutes to have an honest discussion.

Create house listings on major online portals

Make sure your house listing is on major online portals especially in Raleigh NC. If you have a very unique type of home, look for agencies or listings that are specifically targeting those potential buyers. You may have to pay a small fee in order for your property to be listed in certain online portals but this should be worthwhile if your house sells fast. Make sure the listing provides all the necessary information about your house that a buyer would want to know.

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Sell Your House Fast With These Tips

Home Selling Tips

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There are some very simple steps you can take to ensure your home sells quickly. From setting the right price to making a good first impression, there’s a lot that can be done to attract potential buyers.  If you just listed your home for sale in Raleigh NC, here are a few tips to make sure it sells fast.

Ensure the price is right

When the price is too high or too low, your house can fail to sell. You need to be super cautious when setting the price if you want to target the right kind of potential buyers. If the price is too high, you may lose some potential buyers who think you are not willing to let go of the property.

Improve the home’s curb appeal

Home buyers will go great lengths to get a home they loved from the first time they saw it. Taking the necessary steps to make that first impression counts is important. Make sure the home for sale is represented in the best light possible. Get rid of personal effects that make it harder for the buyer to envision themselves in the property. Ensure there’s no garbage or clutter when you are taking a potential buyer to view the home.

Know where to list

Instead of spending time listing your property in every site that offers you the opportunity, choose listings that attract the kind of buyers you are looking for. For instance, if you are selling a high-end home, focus on listing sites that appeal to such buyers. You may have to pay in order to list your property on certain sites or magazines but it will be worthwhile if you end up selling your home fast.

Pay attention to your home listing

The way you represent your property on the listing is very crucial. This is the first impression that buyers get about that property so make it count. Take very good pictures of the property and make sure the descriptions are clear. Convey the information that buyers want to know such as the number of bedrooms and the size of the home.

Avoid too many customization

Homes that have been customized a lot are usually harder to sell. This is because most buyers are very picky and have different tastes. What you found attractive may not be the same for another homeowner. So avoid customizing your Raleigh NC home any further if you are planning to sell.

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Home Selling Tips

Improving Curb Appeal

Illustration of blue house with House for Sale sign set in white background done in retro style.

Homes that have a better curb appeal are usually easier to sell. What most homeowners don’t know is that they can take very simple steps to improve curb appeal. We’re talking about taking maintenance seriously and preventing clutter from ruining a home’s beauty. But other than this, there are many simple ways to boost your Raleigh NC home curb appeal.

Consider professional cleaning

You’d be surprised at the look of your home when all the dirt, mildew and sludge are washed away. Professional cleaners can wash the home’s exterior walls, walkways, balconies and all the other areas that are often neglected. Professional cleaning can really make your home sparkle.

Give it a good paint job

Consider painting the home’s exterior afresh. It’s common for paint to peel off and disappear with time. You don’t have to spend a fortune on a new paint job. You can just get some paint at your local store and have the work done by contractors in Raleigh NC. Don’t be afraid to try out a different color. You’ll make a statement and keep the neighbors mesmerized.

Roof repairs

Probably the last thing you think about is the state of your roof. A roof with missing shingles, broken tiles or tattered covers can really steal your home’s beauty. You need to consider having the repairs done immediately. Think of inviting a roofing contractor to assess the state of the roof and recommend necessary repairs. You may be able to save on energy bills along the way.

Declutter the yard

It’s common to find your yard full of clutter by piling lots of garbage and unused items. A well-manicured lawn can really boost the curb appeal of your home. Think of planting new garden beds and getting rid of the weeds in that space. You will ultimately get a nice place to relax on those lazy Sunday afternoons.

A little maintenance will go a long way

Respect your home’s maintenance demands if you want it to appear great for a long time to come. Lack of maintenance can also decrease the value of your home. Whether this means spending a few dollars replacing the gutters or resealing cracked asphalt, it will be totally worth it. Look into areas in your house that have been neglected such as the window panes. If you are having any cracked windows, it’s time to have them replaced. Such simple measures can dramatically improve the look of your house.

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Improving Curb Appeal

Home Improvement Projects to Increase Resale Value

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Once you have made the grand decision to sell your home Raleigh NC, your realtor will probably inform you that you need to make some changes in order to get great value in the market. Just like any other market commodity, value reduces with continued use. Fortunately, when it comes to housing, a few improvements could boost its original value. Here are some of the best home improvements to make as suggested by realtors in order to increase market value.


Painting your home is one of the easiest ways to give it an instant facelift. Nothing scares away potential buyers like dull and stained walls. They make the house look older than it actually is and will probably making people assume the worst of it. When painting your house for resale, think of colors that will make the house look more spacious and complement the natural light to make it look brighter. You also need to paint the exterior of your home to increase its curb appeal.


Speaking of curb appeal, landscaping is crucial if you want to attract buyers into your home. You may have beautiful interiors but the dead grass and weeded bushes will scare away anyone from viewing your house. Fertilize and water the grass for a lush growth, weed the bushes and plant a couple of flowers to spruce things up. You should also repair the porch or decking and replace any missing or damaged pavers on your driveway. A good looking home on the exterior will attract more people to view it.

Kitchen remodel

The kitchen is one of the most important spaces in the home for most home buyers in Raleigh NC. People want a functional and beautified kitchen. You can make some affordable improvements like refinishing your kitchen cabinets, restoring the kitchen backwash tiles and the countertop, installing new shiny fixtures and so much more.  Kitchen improvements can improve the value of your house by 10-30% of its current appraisal value.

Bathroom remodel

Just after the kitchen, another highly important space is the bathroom. People are interested in modern, sleek and functional bathroom designs. You can replace the old shower curtain with a shiny new glass enclosure, refinish the tiles, and reglaze the tub to make it look new and attractive. Improving the lighting in the bathroom will also go a long way in making it look more attractive.

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Home Improvement Projects to Increase Resale Value